A List Of Research Paper Topics About Global Problems

Writing a research paper about global problems can leave students with too many choices. There are many issues to consider and it can be hard to narrow down to the ones that a student may want to compose a large paper on. In this article, we will discuss a list of relevant global problems that you can write about in your research essay.


You need to be careful when choosing a topic for a global problems paper. There are a plethora of research papers online that you can see to get an idea of the scope of work you will have to produce.

When choosing a topic to write about, it is a good idea to choose a topic that interests you. You will be spending a long time working on your paper, so it only makes sense that you will opt for a topic that you will genuinely want to research more about.

The problem for a global problems paper is that the choice can be overwhelming. However, in general, you may be more interested in problems that are affecting you. With how globalised the world is, it is possible that many global problems are also directly relevant to your own life. Reading a research paper online can also give you a good of how passionate and intrigued you need to be about a topic to produce a lengthy research paper on.

Good Topics

There are plenty of global problem topics to choose from. Many you will have seen before and some you may not have but like the sound of. Regardless, before beginning your writing, you should thoroughly research the topic to see whether or not it is something you will want to write about.

Many times, what initially sounds exciting and promising may turn out to be not as interesting as initially thought. With these topics, you will have an answer to your query of: ‘I need a research paper written on an interesting problem’.

The following are some of our best picks to write a research paper about global problems on:

Professional research paper writers would all recommend these topics for a research paper on global problems.

Writing Agencies

There are many writing agencies available for you online. These agencies can help you with your research along with write your paper for you. The main positive of such companies is the fact that they hire professional writers that have many years of experience writing papers for other students. It is possible to buy an affordable research paper online from a writing agency.

As you can see, there are plenty of global problems, which can make it overwhelming for a student to choose a topic to write their research paper about. However, with our list including many topics suggested by professional paper writers, you will not need to face this problem any longer. You will be able to find plenty of sources to cite.